Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Small Change with BIG Impact

This is my small area in our shared "studio." It has evolved over the last two years and I truly love my space, but there is so much more I'd like to do in this room to make it more functional. One thing I thought would be simple was mounting a towel bar to the wall to hang my punches on. I have seen many other crafters post pictures using this idea and I have been in love with the idea ever since.

BUT...yeah, here's the thing...I used a stud finder to check for studs to mount the bar, and it wasn't going to work. POO! So I've had these bars stashed in the corner with the intention of figuring out an alternative, and I have! After the patio cover we built last Summer I was looking at these leftover pieces of plywood and my light bulb went off...I could mount that to the wall and then it won't matter where the wall studs are!

I bought myself some pretty fabric to cover the board and had my handy husband screw it right to the wall. We mounted two bars, and loading them up with these punches I was able to empty out two of my "skinny" drawers. I'm so happy!!! :)

Isn't it awesome? Here's a closer look:


Anonymous said...

Hey girl!! How are you doing?!! :) WOW!! LOVE your stamp area and all of your pretties!! So I'm coming over to play soon, right?!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Now you can put the new style punches in your "skinny" drawers!

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