Monday, November 16, 2009

Making Holiday Plans

The holiday season can be overwhelming, and without my multitude of lists I would be LOST! Every year I tote around my shopping list, a list of who to send cards to, and a list of those who shall receive chocolaty goodness from my kitchen! I also tend to keep my Christmas stamps and any receipts with my lists. This helps me stay on top of things...or so I delude myself to believe! lol

Originally I carried an envelope around with all my lists and such, but since that's not very crafty I made myself a little "pocket folio" one year that's held up pretty well. It was super simple, made from an 8-1/2x11" sheet of cardstock decorated with pretty papers, and it has been well loved!

This year I've decided to make a new one. I saw a version done with a standard manila file folder sometime in December last year, so I knew that's what I'd be doing in 2009.
The photo above is the front when it's all tied closed. Below is how it looks when it's opened up.
The design is really simple and easy to duplicate. Mine is a letter sized manila folder with a center tab. I opened it up, scored and folded the bottom up 4". Then scored each side at 4-1/4" to create the additional panels with pockets. I decorated most of it with Designer Series Paper sandwiching in some ribbon so the whole thing can be tied shut. Of course I've also included some fun stamped images! For more details on the colors and products used to make this organizer, visit my website.

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