Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Treasured Trash

HAppY EaRth Day Crafters!!!
I am so passionate about recycling and living green that I had to post something to share today. I'm sure most crafters do the same and keep boxes and containers that would be easily be re-purposed and use them at a later date. Here's a look at some things I've done...

I have a serious stockpile of wasbi pea tins and have used them to make a variety of things. I've done "goody bags" for my daughters party and given treats in them during the holidays. The photo below shows a couple I've kept for myself. I have tips & ideas I want to try someday in one and alphabet embellishments in the other!

Have a look at this...

This is where we keep all the art stuff for my crafty chickens. The girls love to draw and color and paint...and you guessed it stamp! ;) Anyway, check out the tub of crayons, do you recognize it? It had a clear plastic lid when it was bought. My oldest daughter made it into a pretty nifty valentine box one year. She covered it with paper and cut a slot in the lid. Then added pretty stickers. I imagine we tossed (I mean recycled) the lid after it became the home for the multiplying crayons!!! Still not sure what it used to be?

Hope you have a GREAT day ladies, and I challenge you to save something from the trash and reuse it!

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