Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stamping School Supplies

Last week I went to Walmart armed with the 1st grade school supply list and bought nearly everything. One of the things I couldn't get though, I picked up at Kroger a few days ago, and they've been eyeballing me ever since - the colored folders!

As soon as she knew what I was planing, my little demo in training "Sydney Stamper" wanted to help. She is always ready to stamp. In all honesty her main contribution was the decision to stamp hearts all over the red folder...and she did them herself! She was also in charge of ink color selection (with a few suggestions), a very important job! We had fun together, that's for sure!!!

The orange folder has her name on it too, we stamped it up the side you just can't see.

Stamp sets used:
Green folder - Pick a Petal
Yellow folder - Inspired by Nature & Lovely Letters Alphabet
Orange folder - Window Dressing (hostess reward)
Red folder - Have a Heart
Blue folder - Brocade Basics


Andreya said...

Good..! I too got 1st grade school supplies from WalMart.

Jessica said...

so adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you clever girl!! ;) I think my boys would shoot me if I tried to do this to their folders!! They like the "torn up" look if you KWIM!! ehhehe!

mollymoo951 said...

These are adorable.

Erika H. said...

What a great idea. The supplies turned out great. (I awarded you something on my blog...come check it out)

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