Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Convention...the LAST Day

The final day of convention was fantastic for so many different reasons. The first one was simply because we got to sleep in an extra 30 minutes or so...and believe me, we needed it!!! The day started with Demonstrator Theater. Several demonstrators were introduced on stage and they each did a unique demonstration for us, a few that had a real WOW factor; I was taking notes!

Next we had lunch, the last two business classes, and then back to the main stage for the entertainment. Shelli showed us some adorable commercials made by fellow demos and announced the winners, and then they set up the stage for a game show. It was pretty cute. They called it Stamp-tionary. There were two teams each with a large dry erase board, and the game was played just like pictionary.

In between rounds they called out more wrist band colors and the prize patrol handed out prizes. They also showed a few more commercials made by the SU! creative team. The last was a "Convention Barbie" commercial. That one really made us all laugh so hard, we didn't hear it all. So Shelli rolled it again..."UPS Ken sold separately" LOL!!!

Suddenly we heard a doorbell and a real UPS man came on stage with Shelli. He said he was confused about who to deliver the box he was carrying to, and then said it was for all of us ~ WOOHOOO!!!!
The crowd cheered and confetti came pouring down as the prize patrol ran around in UPS t-shirts. They passed out approximately 6,000 "Say It With Scallops" stamp sets. The best part, is that this is the new Ronald McDonald set, and UPS bought them for us...The Ronald McDonald House will receive about $12,000 from this purchase since $2 from every set sold is donated by Stampin' Up! Here's a pic of Debbie and Barbara with their sets:

We spent our last evening together touring the Copper Canyon, and had a nice dinner on the way back. Chinese buffet, YUM! I've been back in Texas since Monday afternoon, and have just barely settled back into my normal routine. I'm so glad I had this opportunity and I'm hopeful to attend again next year, but it's good to be home!

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