Tuesday, October 9, 2007

not so CREEPY things...

Well I promised you Halloweenish things last week, but as you saw, I was knee deep in Girly things instead. It was worth it though! I'm posting a pic or two on my Yahoo blog today...man now THAT is a neglected blog!

Have I mentioned yet that i LOVE the new Designer Series Double sided paper!!! This Halloween version is too cool, the paper in the background is part of the set, along with all the patterns represented in my projects! Ain't they CUTE!? I made the treat pouch on Tuesday, but just never found the time to post it here...what'cha think? This was a really easy project I learned over a year ago from my upline, and I actually have a tutorial you can download!

I've been wanting to make a shadow box picture frame for a while now, and decided it didn't need to have a "real" photo inside. I enjoy decorating my home for Halloween and this will look great in the family room among my baby pumpkin collection and assorted candles...I might just make a couple more! It's about an inch deep and the "photo" inside is mounted on TWO cardboard squares to make it pop! The overall size is 6X6, pretty simple design I just cut cardboard with a craft knife. Here's how I did it:

TWO 6x6" cardboard pieces - Cut a 3 1/2" square piece from the center of one. Then trim the piece you removed down by half an inch to a 3x3, cover with paper and set aside. Cover the frame completely with a 6x6 piece of paper. Slit the paper in the "window" with an X from corner to corner and fold in the excess to secure. Cover the other piece front AND back.

ONE 2x2" cardboard square for under the photo mounting. Adhere to inside piece of frame in the center and then attach the 3x3 piece you covered with paper over it. This will allow the center photo to "pop." I suggest adding your photo before you "sandwich" the top and bottom of the frame together.

FOUR 1x6" strips of cardboard, glue them one by one around the edge of the top piece, on the inside. You will need to trim 2 or 3 of them slightly to make it a perfect square along the edge.

FOUR 1 1/4 x 6" strips of patterned paper to cover the sides after the whole thing is glued and set...you might take your own measurement and make sure this will cover the sides completely. I did a little stamping on the front of my frame...and I dredged the edges through my black craft pad too -- imagine that! hee hee Now it's your turn!!!


Donna (Sapphire1968) said...

So cool! I love the shadowbox picture frame. I may just need to make one myself...:)

Kraftin' Kimmie said...

So cute Sally!! LOve the candy holder!!

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