Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wasabi Hobby

One of my favorite snacks, at the moment, are wasabi peas. They are spicy, crunchy, and YUMMY! After recycling a few cans I thought to myself, these could be useful...and I started saving them. This past week-end, I dug out some pretty paper, slathered it's backside with ModPodge, added a little this and that, and voila - something "purty" for my personal use.

I decided to use it for storing different ideas and notes for future layouts and cards. I've read about others who tear things from magazines and keep them in a jar. Well I am WAY too obsessive compulsive to destroy a magazine, but I do have lots of little notes jotted on scraps as well as some freebie ideas from mailings and that I've picked up in stores. It's so nice to get them out of my drawer and tucked away in my wasabi tin...hmmm what should I call it now?

  • Inspiration Station?
  • Tip Tin?
  • Idea Vault?
  • Concept Container?

Ok, ok, maybe I'm overthinking this a little. hee hee


Darcy said...

that is a kewl tin! whatever you decide on it! hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a cool idea. I have so many scraps that I would love to have a home for. I like the concept container name myself..:)

Melanie said...

How about "Hot and Spicy Ideas"?

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