Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Toot Toot

My pal Vicki is the BESTEST! She gave me this award: I feel so honored, thank you so much Vicki!!!
Make sure you visit her blog Stamped's linked on the right! :)

On another note, I was honored to be the Sketch Artist of the Week over on Sisterhood of Scrap!
Here's the article:
Featured Artist April 5, 2008
Thank you ladies for this, I can't wait to see some new interpretations of my sketch!!!


Susan Coish said...

Thanks so much for your contribution to the sisterhood!!

Jessica said...

Congrats Sally!! That is fantastic...I am going to check out the article now! You rock!

jessica said...

I checked out Sisterhood of Scrap!Sally you are so pretty! and I love the sketch and your pg.!

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