Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Page...

...with no PICTURES? Yes! This was a challenge from my friend Peggy on Splitcoast. I had been kinda wanting to do a page with all my crazy ;) lists and a photo was actually my only holdup! I'm freeeeeee! My page has a few drawings but no photographs, and I'm thrilled with how it came out!
Aside from the grocery list these lists reflect different things I need or want to do any day, any week...hopefully this year!!! And yes, I do LOVE wasabi peas a little TOO much! ha ha


Anonymous said...

Fabulous page Sal!! Love all the elements you added! Never thought to do a page like this!! I REALLY need to scrap more, eh?! Have an excellent weekend girl!! :)

Erika H. said...

I love how this came out...what a wonderful page. What a challenge to scrapbook a page with no photo...not easy...but yours is fantastic!

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