Monday, July 30, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

This is the little "shrine" in my kitchen with pictures of my girls. It was a Christmas present for myself one year when Sydney was still pretty small. You know the type, your gift shopping and something strikes your you get it for yourself and wrap it up. It was under our tree, "for Mom, love Gloria & Sydney." Hey if I hadn't done it, no body else would. Gabe is just not a shopper.
I was admiring it yesterday, but also thinking maybe an update is needed. Maybe add a little paint to the frames? But then I don't want to distract from the wallpaper. Maybe I should change out the photos for something more current? The little picture on the end of Natalie was an add on after all, and it's too dark anyway...
I completely missed out on the wildflowers this year. Having a job so close to home, I rarely venture outside of Frisco, and most of the bluebonnets and other wildflowers line the Texas highways! :( So I'm not sure what I would replace these with, gotta have outdoor pics! ;)
I still LOVE the picture of Gloria and Sydney together, but since Natalie's missing I feel obligated to change it out. There is a similar problem in the main hallway of our house. I have a big collage of photos and little Natalie will point and name names, and sometimes stop and say "is that me?" I have to say "no baby, that's Gloria."
So I guess it's time for a change. I can still display these pictures if I want to, or maybe I should just scrap them together on a layout. Decisions decisions, where is a field full of flowers when I need it!?! And as I type this we have more rain yet again!

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