Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Stylin' ;)

I had a little surprise in my email inbox yesterday...My friend Norma gave me kudos in the form of a blog award! Thank you so much Norma, I'm honored to be one of your recipients! I'm surprised she picked me when I've been such a bad blogger lately. I didn't even post ONE thing last month...can I use my birthday as an excuse? lol

As a "Stylish Blogger" I am supposed to share 8 things about myself and pay it forward to 8 other bloggers.
  1.  I have been trying to eat better, but the weight loss that should come with it is not happening as fast as I'd like it to.
  2. I spent almost the entire day outside Sunday...did a little yardwork, but mostly just enjoyed being outside sitting on my patio watching the wind blow through the tree branches.
  3. I am so far behind on laundry I'm wearing my last pair of clean undies today.
  4. One of my long time dreams is to go skydiving, I'd really love to learn to fly a plane, but I think skydiving is a more obtainable goal!
  5. I ran the dishwasher on Saturday and still haven't unloaded it...that's what kids are for. lol
  6. My favorite "holiday" is Halloween!
  7. The last movie I saw on the big screen was Tangled.
  8. I love life and tend to look at the bright side of every situation.
Here are 8 blogs for you to check out that I really enjoy:
  1. Shelli - So Shelli
  2. Kalyn - Kalyn's Kitchen
  3. Ree - The Pioneer Woman Cooks
  4. Amanda - Diary of a Wanna-be Green Girl
  5. Elanah - The Real Suburban Housewives
  6. Jill- Scary Mommy
  7. Susan and Janice - 5 Minutes for Mom 
  8. Photojojo

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