Friday, May 9, 2008

Sketch O'clock

Well if you remember, my laptop has been having some issues. So we bought an external hard drive, and I copied ALMOST everything over then my wonderful man Gabe re-installed OSX and the Adobe Creative Suite. Everything was working great for about a week, and then *POOF* it won't boot up. I am so sad, but we are going to have it repaired.
Soooooo, I just posted another sketch that I literally whipped up in about 10 minutes using Microsoft Word. It is actually pretty easy to do them in Word if you are going for a simple layout. Just print and scan if you need to convert it to a .jpg file. That's why it's a little crooked. *oops*


barb said...

Love this sketch, Sally! I am so far behind in the challenges but you are certainly inspiring me!! :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great sketch Sal!! You do wonderful with these!! :)

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