Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Wonders

If only I could quit my day job! It is a goal of mine, but I need to be patient and wait for the right time...
I was trying to work on some projects during lunch today, and my craft table is so buried it is pathetic!!! I have Almond Joys from Halloween stashed in my top drawer with the double stick tape, but I've been strong and I haven't touched them since Sunday! Maybe I should send them to Jan Tink!? She is such an awesome scrapper/crafter and she was my inspiration for a "new" technique I tried last night. She calls it Joseph's Coat Inside-Out. If you've heard of Emerging Color, it's basically the same, she just uses a background stamp.
Her tutorial is MORE than's entertaining, and you should give it a try! I can't share what I made because it is a top secret crafty thing I'm sending to a friend today, but let me tell ya, it's GORGEOUS!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey hey Silly Sally!! No secrets!! :) JK! Hey dude...just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you linking me from your blog! My account has changed and I'm now at If you'd like to change this, that would be wonderful! Thanks so much!! And of course I had to link my Silly Sally from my new location!! Thanks for being my bloggin' buddy! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh sure...tease us to death! Once your friend receives your project, can you tell us about it then? Hope you took a photo!

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