Friday, August 24, 2007

What to do, when it has to be BLUE!

I snapped up several pocket folders when Staples had them for a penny, but didn't have our school supply list yet at the time. I thought I was cool bringing 2 of each color to the counter, but my dreams were quickly shattered when I found out I could only buy 10, and I had 14. :( *poo*
Well the supplies list came out weeks ago and we didn't need white, but I use those for SU! parties anyway, so it's all good, and I was glad orange (yuk) was one of the colors I discarded. But OH NO, I'd put back the blue ones in lieu of the purple!!! If you know me, you know I LOVE PURPLE, but sadly the supply list called for yellow, green, red, and blue.
Today after work I zipped over there with my *snif, snif* purple folders to exchange them for blue, and they did NOT have any with brads! *totally shocking* So what could I do!? I decided to exchange the purple anyway and get 2 more white ones...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trying To Stay Crafty! *wink*

I got these giant clothes pins from Oriental Trading a while back and had only covered one with paper, so I decided to do another. After using some scraps I had from that last DPS I decided it needed more than just a little piece of ribbon as an accessory, so I added one of these cool little from Stampin' Up!® :-)

All I did was use some clear drying adhesive and I glued a paper scrap (pretty side up) to the underside of the button. Then I poked through the holes with my paper piercer - a straight pin would do it! I cut around the button when it was dry, and sanded it a little to make sure it was flush. Then I just adhered it to my project and voila!!! I like to use these clothes pins to display scrapbook pages...they are especially great for little 6x6's! Maybe that's my cue for scrapping another page, and 6x6 pages are quick and easy!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Oooo I LOVE this New Paper!!!

Since I've been on a roll with pages, I took some time to do a layout today using my yummy new SU! designer paper "Outlaw." It does have a western flair, but you don't have to limit yourself to western themed pages, I didn't!

You may remember a few of these pictures from a frame I did earlier this year. That was the purpose of these photos, and it was such a challenge to get Sydney to stay still and smile, not to mention LOOK at the camera! *sheesh* Natalie was just a bit fidigity and several of her pictures were blurry, and she doesn't always "smile on command." That experience makes me REALLY appreciate the pros!!!

I totally LOVE the On-board Lowercase Simon Alphabet. It is way easy to cover with paper and stamp on. I like to smear craft ink on them too...Who am I kidding? I like to smear craft ink on EVERYTHING! ;)

I also used my Scallop punch for the first time -- love it too! It's fun to add the little punched circles around your "petals," and yes I smeared craft ink on it too! Another technique I used was rock-n-roll. The smile stamp was inked in Mellow Moss and then I "rock-n-rolled" the edges of the stamp with chocolate chip ink before stamping. You can do it a lot, or just a little like mine!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


What fun I had scrambling to complete as many of the 12 posted challenges as I could possibly manage! My oldest hosted the kids challenge early on Saturday!
This is her with her page!!!

I got warmed up by doing a double page spread (Naked Butt!) and then because of the normal-crazy activity level at my house, I did a digital page (Thinking About Tomorrow).

Sunday I did my favorite page which features my mom and my sister in 1968, and then I did another DPS! Can you tell I'm an addict? hee hee

On Monday I did a planned page (I gathered my papers and photos I would need the night before). My oldest has Tae Kwon Do on Monday nights, so I sat at a table during her class cutting patterned paper and taping it down with pictures! By the end of class I was just a few pieces shy, so as soon as the tooth brushings were done, stories told, and jammies were on, I stamped the title and added a few flowers!!!

Tuesday was a "free night" and I honestly was given some time to myself to scrap (throwing some leg quarters in the oven bought me an hour!! *wink wink* I completed the "Stapers Club" page in about an hour and a half. I was really on a roll...

Ahhh, it's Wednesday. The deadline for uploading was today at 4:00. I took my lunch break today and left about 11:10 AM...made it back to work by 12:20 and my page was done!!! Is this pathetic? Well I did kinda promise the hostess I would give her challenge a try. Not the best page I've scrapped in this bunch, but it has it's good points.

I managed to participate in 7 challenges, and I got 9 pages done. It feels good to have some pages completed and the more I scrap, the more I want to scrap! Maybe I should start a few more planned pages...hmmm, there's a crop coming up!

To see what I used to make these pages visit my online gallery!

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