Friday, March 30, 2007

Smelly Jelly

This was my attempt at an Easter card with out owning any Easter stamp sets! One thing that makes this little card special is the scratch-n-sniff technique....

Mix equal portions of embossing powder with any unsweetened powder, such as Koolaid. You can also use cocoa powder, Cinnamon, or any other strong smelling spice.
In this instance we stamped with Craft Green Galore ink and coated the image with our "smelly mixture" of Koolaid and EP, and heat set - just like you would any embossed image. You can really scratch the image and smell the Koolaid!!! Pretty neat huh!?! Tell me what you think!

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Little Something...

When I was in Walmart last week (buying kitty litter and PullUps) I bought this picture frame! It's almost impossible for me to just get what I need and get out! It was incredibly cheap, under $5 I believe.
My original intention was to put a picture of each of my three daughters and scrap the extra framed area with "Our Girls" or "The Chickens 2007." ;)
Wednesday night, I was looking at the frame and thinking about what patterned paper scraps I could use...well this paper with the flowers was left over from a single page layout I did last year, and it seemed to be a good choice! I decided to cut out a few flowers the same way I had on the scrapbook page and using ModPodge, I adhered them to the outside of the frame. Then I began searching through recent pictures and could not find what I wanted...

SOLUTION: After work yesterday I sat them down one by one and snapped their pictures. Why not??? It took several takes to get one for each girl, but by golly we did it! ;)
I converted the images to black and white to print on my printer, but I guess it was too much for my pitiful printer. The last pic printed in a sepia tone, not because I planned it that way, but because I am now OUT of black ink - OOPS! I think I like the sepia tone though, and
I will probably reprint all three pictures in sepia once I get a new toner cartridge. The photos are layered on cardstock, direct to paper craft ink and more paper incorporated. I even did a little stamping. Ended up with {LIVE} big instead of "My Chickens," LOL!!! but anything works!!!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Bleachy Business

I'm so in love with this little skunk!!! She was begging me to let her out of the box Saturday...and I couldn't say no. It is such a beautiful day today, I took her outside for a picture!

The bleaching technique is still new to me and I love the way different colored cardstock reacts to the bleach. Click on the title of this post for a closer look, you can also get the recipe for recreating this card.

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