Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Projects

I guess it was about Mid February when I initiated a refinance of our home loan. It seems we jumped on the bandwagon just in time to get ourselves a really low rate and we're closing tomorrow! *sigh of relief* With this shift in financial "well being" (if there really is such a thing) my crafty side has taken a detour to home decor!

On the agenda: Flooring, exterior paint, and a bedroom re-do!
I've visited many flooring stores and their websites, met with a contractor in my home for an estimate, and it's looking like I really will be getting my kitchen tiled! YAY We also want to put in wood floors, but we haven't priced it out yet, or decided on the right flooring. So that's on hold until we finish my current project...the master bedroom!

I've always wanted a "nice" bedroom, but with our mismatched stuff I didn't have a problem using my bedroom as a storage room. Happily that will no longer be the case. I have begun the transformation with the hunt for the perfect bed. I've been looking on and off for months...I guess I'm really picky! ;) I stumbled on this gorgeous bed poking around on Craigslist and snapped it up the same day. It lived in my entry way for at least 3 weeks until we picked the right mattress to buy and sold our old bed last week. We did pretty good with the timing of it all. After we sold the old bed we we're only one day away from the mattress delivery, so we had to sleep on the sofa bed one night, and believe me that was bad enough! LOL

This is a before shot with no bed. The carpet still hasn't plumped back up, but 12 years with a waterbed there may have taken it's toll on the carpet.

I spent all day yesterday painting the room but I still have two walls I want to paint a darker shade as an accent color. The shortest wall with a window and the entry to the master bath. I also have dreams of finding matching lamps, nightstands and a new chest of drawers...pace yourself Sally!

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