Monday, March 17, 2014

A Golden Birthday

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. It's the 17th and she's 17, that makes this her GOLDEN birthday!! She had several friends over to celebrate on Saturday, and I had gold everywhere! I wish I had taken more photos, but this is a small sampling of how the dinning room table was set. She had snack chips, grapes, and lots of candies wrapped in gold set out for their enjoyment! I also added some shamrock garland and gold bead necklaces, but being the easily distracted dork that I am I didn't get another picture after the full set up was complete. 

While I decorated her cake I asked my husband to help out by making a "17" that we could mount on card stock and set on an easel, he did one better! He also printed out little miniature ones that we hung from streamers around the house, and before the night was over her friends were coveting them...we ended up putting them on jump rings and hanging them on both gold and green beaded necklaces! They looked like they were attending a convention. lol

It was a great party with just a few of her closest friends, I love my "G" dearly and hope she is still feeling special today at school. I gave her a one of a kind t-shirt for her birthday that she's wearing. It says "Lucky Today" on the front and has "17" in gold numbers on the back!

She didn't want me to take her picture this morning - sigh, but little sister was happy to smile!
I look forward to scrapping a special page or two with the party pictures soon, but to celebrate my "baby" here are some pages from the archives that I can share...

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

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AprilAllYear said...

Love it! LOVE HER!
Looks like it was fun. Warm hugs from the Angele-Perez family to G!

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