Friday, February 1, 2013

Just Call Me the Procrastinate Princess

I came across the photo below and it made me smile. The weekend I made these tie backs for my bedroom curtains I was really supposed to be making cards for upcoming birthdays!! But in my defense they are simple strips of fabric that took me maybe an hour tops to sew. I attached velcro on the ends because I didn't want to jack with tying them every day, and I added a little fringe to keep them from looking overly simple!

I distract myself with new projects all the time. These curtains have been hanging in my bedroom for at least 5 years now and I have yet to hem the bottom of them properly...but I have tiebacks now by golly! secret shame!

This window is one of Lego's favorite places to sit and watch the world outside, so I have to take a lint brush to these curtains fairly often...
Lego was busy playing in a box while I was taking pictures. LOVE him!!!
I also added the valance at the top a while back to cover the arched portion of the window and block the moonlight (and streetlamp) from shining in at night. These are pretty good blackout curtains for sleeping in and afternoon naps...not that I can ever get one of those! lol

I tend to get on a roll sometimes leaving other "duties" in the dust. As a matter of fact, i SHOULD be updating my events schedule for my February Newsletter right now!
Happy Friday! Have an awesome weekend and be sure to check my Facebook page later for today's Splitcoaststampers Sketch Challenge!!!

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