Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafty Kids

The first week of February we were hit with an INSANE winter storm that had our whole family banished to the house for FOUR DAYS!!! There was no school, and Gabe and I stayed home from work!
We really enjoyed ourselves the first couple of days, but cabin fever struck and we were tired of TV, tired of board games, tired of everything...but then, AH HA! Why not get ready for the inevitable school V-Day party!? So I covered cereal boxes with paper tied on the ribbon, and the girls finished them out with punched hearts and some stamping! They are always ready to create!!!

I snapped these pictures before I took them to school...guess I should have taken a few, Nat's eyes are closed. *sigh* But I wanted to hurry since Sydney had wet hair.

We started the valentines too, but only Natalie's got completed in time for delivery to school today. Sydney will work on hers over the weekend and get them ready for Monday. The design is the same for both girls, but Sydney chose a blue paper for hers.

All I did was cut 12x12 DSP down to 4x4. Then folded the sides in and the bottom up to overlap it just enough for the punched label. I so love my Eat Chocolate stamp set!!!

Happy Valentine's Day my crafty friends!

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