Friday, November 28, 2008

Pie Stamping

I made my pumpkin pies on Wednesday so I could focus on the feast itself on Thanksgiving. Since I was doing them a day ahead, I decided why not go Martha Stewart and try something "fancy."
I've seen beautiful pies that have the layered leaf border around them, they're so festive, love that! I dug out all my cookie cutters looking for the perfect leaf to use. Hmm a Holly leaf, but nothing else. Then I thought, "I have a SEVERAL leaf rubber stamps!" So I found one I thought would do the trick, rounded up the chickens (that's code word for my girls) and got started with my first attempt at PIE STAMPING!

I buy the pre-made pie crust thats comes in a roll. Unroll onto a pie pan and cut the extra dough off the sides. Then roll out the extra dough and stamp-stamp-stamp!

We cut out the leaves with a butter knife. A totally easy and kid friendly project. The leaves were simply pinched onto the dough in the pan and layered around overlapping each other.
Ready for the oven!!!
I always use a pie crust shield to prevent over-browning, but maybe next time I should also brush them with an egg wash? The leaves certainly lost a lot of detail in the baking process, but the pie was mmm, mmm, good and we had FUN doing it! Smileys


Anonymous said...

Very creative, I'll have to try this with my 5 year old!

Anonymous said...

That is too clever! I know the chickens had a blast! May have to try this with cookies!

Anonymous said...

How very yummy!! Looks like they had some fun!! ;) Hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend friend!!

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