Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crop Capers

I've been trying for nearly a YEAR to actually attend a crop with a group I joined! It's only 2 bucks if you come, and it's in a private home not too far from me. I finally went Friday night, and even with all the chit chat I finished a page and worked on two others, that each need "just one more thing!" LOL!!! Oh well, progress is progress.

I followed one of my sketches (see it HERE) for this particular page, and I've been dying to scrap these a long, long time! We were in Cancun and the waiter was a hoot, Gabe got him to pose with the margarita as he was serving it, and the picture came out great...this was even before we had a digital camera, so no retakes on these pics! ;)


Anonymous said...

love your pg. Sally! very awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful page Salster!! Love all your creative sketches as well as seeing the results!! You are so talented!! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend my friend!!:)

Wendy aka wendella247 said...

Fun page, Sally. And I really like that sketch. I'll have to look it up and try making a page with it soon!

Denise said...

Love it! Love your doodles too!

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