Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Itichin' for Stitchin'

If you are following my sketch challenges, you've already seen this one from last Friday, but I was pretty impressed with myself for getting it done. YAY me!

I've had computer issues since the end of May 2007...SOMEONE put scrap paper in my CD drive and I hadn't taken the time to make an appointment and have a Mac Genius evaluate the situation. Well now it's come back to bite me. Somesort of system glitch is causing a problem with some of my applications. I need to upgrade my system software (or just reinstall), and in the meantime, I cannot use Photoshop, Illustrator, or any Microsoft applications.

With this issue came another, my inability to create sketches! Oh NO!!!! Well, I couldn't let that stop me, and since I had a pretty simple idea in my head, I decided to try MS Word as a sub. I use it at work for letters, and my desk isn't so demanding that I couldn't spend a few minutes a day tweaking my creation until Fridays post! So there it is above.

Over the weekend my WONDERFUL husband Gabe managed to get the paper out, and my CD drive is operational again. *YIPPEE* Can you believe there were FIVE small pieces of card stock in there!? I don't think I have to worry about a repeat incident. When I first discovered the paper in there, the girls were pretty bummed because we were on a road trip and they couldn't watch DVD's .

Here is a page I did Sunday using the sketch. The "innocent" child you see there is VERY LIKELY the cause of all my laptop grief! Can't sell her in a garage sale, heck look at that smile, how could I? She sure makes me appreciate her sisters a bit more, and I guess payback is hell...right Dad? LOL!!!

The page itself came together really fast. I just drew a heart on the backside of this patterned paper I had and trimmed it out. After taping it down, I ran it through my sewing machine. I adore using machine stitching on my layouts, if you haven't tried it you should. There are LOTS of ways to play with stitches and faux stitches are ALMOST as fun!


Erika H. said...

Your sketch is awesome and I LOVE the page you did. What sweet and precious photos. Love the colors.

Anonymous said...

WOWZER girl!! This is TRULY amazing!! Your pages just keep getting more and more awesome!! Love your sketch too by the way!! And you ALWAYS make me laugh with your comments!! :) Keep em coming! They really make my day!!

Kate said...

She looks so innocent and gorgeous! Lovely sketch.

Darleen said...

I wanted to say thank you so much for the super sweet post on my blog. So, I had to come and check your blog out too. Very cool. I love the sketches. What a great way to keep the Mojo going!! I will keep checking in, maybe that's a great way to keep my mojo going!!!! Again, thank you, it really did make me feel a lot better.

Anonymous said...

I love your sketch, and that page (and your daughter) is gorgeous!

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