Wednesday, August 8, 2007


What fun I had scrambling to complete as many of the 12 posted challenges as I could possibly manage! My oldest hosted the kids challenge early on Saturday!
This is her with her page!!!

I got warmed up by doing a double page spread (Naked Butt!) and then because of the normal-crazy activity level at my house, I did a digital page (Thinking About Tomorrow).

Sunday I did my favorite page which features my mom and my sister in 1968, and then I did another DPS! Can you tell I'm an addict? hee hee

On Monday I did a planned page (I gathered my papers and photos I would need the night before). My oldest has Tae Kwon Do on Monday nights, so I sat at a table during her class cutting patterned paper and taping it down with pictures! By the end of class I was just a few pieces shy, so as soon as the tooth brushings were done, stories told, and jammies were on, I stamped the title and added a few flowers!!!

Tuesday was a "free night" and I honestly was given some time to myself to scrap (throwing some leg quarters in the oven bought me an hour!! *wink wink* I completed the "Stapers Club" page in about an hour and a half. I was really on a roll...

Ahhh, it's Wednesday. The deadline for uploading was today at 4:00. I took my lunch break today and left about 11:10 AM...made it back to work by 12:20 and my page was done!!! Is this pathetic? Well I did kinda promise the hostess I would give her challenge a try. Not the best page I've scrapped in this bunch, but it has it's good points.

I managed to participate in 7 challenges, and I got 9 pages done. It feels good to have some pages completed and the more I scrap, the more I want to scrap! Maybe I should start a few more planned pages...hmmm, there's a crop coming up!

To see what I used to make these pages visit my online gallery!

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