Monday, April 30, 2007

Scramping is Addictive!!!

Guess what!?! One of my VSBN pages from the preview won...and 1st place too! I am so excited and happy, I'm beside myself!!! Thank you to all of you that left me sweet comments in my gallery! It feels good to get a little pat on the back now and then, and winning...WOW!!!

Saturday was the kick off for the week-end of scrapping, and my challenge was at 12:00 PM! There were a total of 13 challenges posted over the week-end, and Friday there were 3 surprise challenges. I've only scrapped 3 pages and a double page spread so far, but the upload deadline has been extended until 5:00 PM Wednesday May 2, 2007!!! There are 2 more challenges I REALLY want to do, but hopefully I can squeeze in a few more before the deadline!

Click HERE to see all 20 challenges - judging is over for the first 4, but who knows you might get inspired!
Click HERE to see all the entries for my challenge - where's yours?
Click HERE to see all the APR07VSBN entries!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pages Sally and congrats on your win.. so well deserved!!

Tracy said...


Hey chicka! You have been tagged!

Congrats girl!

I love your site and your pages...adding ya to my blog. (((((HUGS)))) T~

Tracy said...

Oh sorry...go to my blog for more info on the "tag"!

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